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Our Story

Hi, I'm Stephanie, owner and operator Eco & Basics together with my husband, David. We spend our days by the ocean in the stunning Northern Rivers region of NSW.

Living close to the ocean, and as the parents of a future marine biologist*, we are kept very aware of the plight of our sea creatures - so running a business that works to reduce the consumption of plastic seems like the least we can do. Personally, we make conscious decisions on a daily basis to try to reduce our waste, and love that we can now help to guide others to start living a more sustainable lifestyle even as we learn how to do so ourselves.

Our vision for Eco & Basics is to inspire other people to live a low waste lifestyle by curating a range of stylish and affordable eco friendly products to replace single use products.

Stephanie. xx


*Future career aspirations subject to change on a daily basis - palaeontology is also a very strong possibility