Step 5 has arrived! 🎉🌱☺️

And here we are at the final step in your sustainable swaps experience!  We really hope that receiving these products in a staggered way has allowed you to make the most of each of them and introduce them into your regular routine - and that along the way you have seen a reduction in your single-use plastic consumption.

At the same time, we hope you have enjoyed using our products and remember that we do have other subscriptions available if there are particular favourites you've discovered.  You can see our subscription offers here:

We'd also love to hear if you have any feedback about our products or the subscription - or any suggestions for products you'd like to see us stock in future.  Please feel free to contact us at

  Did you know....with the ban on plastic straws coming into effect in NSW from 1 November 2022, and due in Victoria on 1 February 2023 all Australian states and territories will have strict limitations on the use of plastic straws.  It couldn't come soon enough - if 1 million people used just one plastic straw each month, 12 million straws, used just once and for a very short amount of time, enter our waste systems or waterways, where they take up to 200 years to break down.