Four Tips To Reduce Waste Today

It’s exhausting, am I right? Let's call it eco-overwhelm. Think about it, it’s no wonder when we look at all these influencers in their zero-waste lifestyles living their very beautifully marketed, well thought-out Instagram aesthetic, doing all the things we wish we had the time and energy to do. It results in getting super frustrated, leaving us feeling not good enough or even worse, thinking an eco-lifestyle is simply unattainable. Unfollow!

What if I told you that was all fluff? Well of course, you know by now that mostly everyone out there is showing us their highlight reel. Social media, as a whole, is the modern-day shop stand magazine, completely altering reality as we know it. Nothing or no one is that perfect.

The New Normal
With all that being said, here is your license to imperfection. Stick with me long enough and before you know it, I’ll have you brainwashed to believe you can accomplish this eco-life being perfectly imperfect.

As we've now come out from Plastic Free July, we have 4 simple ways you can carry those changes out through the rest of our year. 


Here are 4 simple affordable tips you can use to make the swap today.

Tip One - Ditch the Cling 
While we all know that cling film is sometimes a necessity for things like transporting cakes. We can reduce our spend and need to purchase it a lot less by swapping it out for a silicone stretch lid, a great long-lasting alternative to single use cling wrap.

Tip Two - Skip the Straw 
Go without! Or if your someone who needs to sip it, swap it! Take your pick: bamboo or silicone for kids, glass for adults, stainless-steel straws for all! From kitchen to handbag, these little guys are easily transportable wherever you go.

Tip Three - Choose to Reuse
While we move into a life with a lot less single use plastics, we still live in a world full of it. Instead of throwing take-away containers or plastic bottles away think before you toss. Ask yourself 'how can I reuse it around the home'? Perhaps we can store loose bobs and bits that need a home. Time to get creative! 

Tip Four - BYO
Before you step out for the day, do the check. Buying coffee? Cool! Don't forget your keep-cup. Instead of single use plastic water bottles, have your own bottle handy for refills. Ordering food, have your own cutlery from the drawer instead of using the cafe's plastic ones - or opt for bamboo cutlery set that's easy on the move.


We want to drive home that even if you adopt one small change into your life,  it's enough for now! This is coming from someone who felt I simply wasn't educated enough on the topic to make a change, and never believed I had the time or money to make it drastic; all I knew is that I wanted to do something, anything, to impact my life, my family's lives and the turtles! Most definitely the turtles...