Eco-Friendly Low-Waste Holiday Tips


Wow here we are, November. The time has flown by this year. Between the global pandemic and important social justice movements, as well as personal moments of celebration and anxiety, it's been a whirlwind of an eventful twelve months for most of us out there in our society...

Why not get into the spirit and be eco/covid-friendly this season? 🎁

Here are some tips for an environmentally friendly holiday.

  • Plan. Never underestimate the importance of a good plan. Coordinate with friends and family to make sure no one gets left out.

Planning your budget is essential when it comes to the holidays. A great way of saving money while still being able to give each person in the family something unique would be with a welcome mat, engraved wooden tray for drinks at parties or cool pairs of socks! Perhaps a hamper of eco-friendly items for all the family to share.

Menu planning - One of the ways to save this holiday season is by curbing large gatherings. With so many restrictions on big celebrations, you may have a smaller guest list that's easier for your pocket and tummy!
The last thing you want this season are wasted expenditures on things that were never used. Make sure to plan ahead by staying organised and sticking within your budget. Remember, New Years is just down the road, too.
  • Gift wrapping alternatives. Celebrate the holidays with low-waste gift wrap this year! Try investing in non-recyclable, recyclable, or biodegradable paper. Also, reuse, reuse! Reuse old holiday gift bags, use old newspapers to wrap your gifts for a unique look. If your creativity is running wild one last time before the big day arrives then take something that has cool patterns on it like shirts with stripes and wrap them up nicely for someone else's pleasure (or yours!).

There are tons of ways to avoid using packaging or wasting a bunch of it when you're in the giving mood. The best part about these low-waste gift wrapping alternatives? They encourage reuse and prevention from creating new garbage - what could be better than that?!

  • Consider an experience or even donations! Don't get me wrong, I love the feeling of presents under my tree on Christmas morning. But if you're looking for a way to show your appreciation and help ensure that we can continue providing these experiences throughout this season please consider donating today! The best way to get people excited about giving is by asking them which charitable organisation they want their money donated. This can be an easy one-time donation, or it might become a monthly commitment, so pick something you and they believe in. It’s truly the gift that keeps on giving!
  • Décor! Picking low-waste holiday décor from nature is an excellent way to make sure your house looks great while not contributing any waste or pollution. You can find elements like fallen tree branches, moss covered stones and twigs for making wreaths on doors instead of using decorations made with plastic material that may end up in our oceans when they're thrown away later!
  • Shop small, shop local. The pandemic has had a devastating effect on small businesses. This holiday season, show your support for the local economy by buying from them! Let’s not forget that this time of year was meant as an opportunity to give charity and generosity to make up for some lost revenue due these disasters. So, take advantage while you can: Support those who have been hurt financially because they didn't need all those bad things happening at once - buy something original made right here where we live instead.

The impact of recent events cannot be overstated; more than anything else our regional economies depend on our support.
  • Borrow what you can instead of buying new.

 If your next party is in the planning stages, why not consider borrowing items for decoration? Here are some things that I borrow all year-long and never feel guilty about it: Festive Trays, Glasses, Champagne flutes, ugly/cute jumpers, party props and games!

  • The golden rule is to use what you already have. This applies not just during the holidays, but every day of the year in pursuit for sustainability and eco-friendly living! Buying sustainable alternatives and disposing of the unused items you still have contradicts with a low or zero waste lifestyle so make sure your resolutions don't go up in smoke by purchasing new products when there are still items lying around from last season.

Instead of purchasing a new tree that’s on trend, spruce up your old plastic one with new décor items, such as your new nature finds. Also, don’t forget the op shops for cool bowls and trays!

Key point: Use what you have, until it’s no longer usable, then make the leap to sustainable alternatives.
Stay safe by sanitising and washing borrowed items before use. If you don't have someone to lend from, consider renting!


Quick tips to consider 🎁

  • Ditch the balloons
  • Host a regifting party
  • Repeat outfits (we love slow fashion)
  • Choose to invest in items that last


This holiday season is going to be a blast! We hope this article helps you get excited about the upcoming festivities. We've all had a pretty hard slog of it this past 18 months and we could all use a break to just chill, kick back and celebrate with our loved ones. Go forth and celebrate!  🎄